How the New iOS 14 Update Impacts Digital Marketing

Apple has announced the launch of a new version iOS 14.4, which includes new user privacy parameters and the handling of their data for advertising purposes. These changes mean great difficulty for advertising companies since developers must strictly provide information about their privacy policies and the handling of user data. Now, how counterproductive can it […]

How to increase your engagement and visibility on Instagram

Instagram has become in recent years one of the main most visited social networks in the world, with more than 1,000 million users, and this excellent application allows you to show images and videos in an interactive way to your customers with greater ease, making it one of the best digital marketing platforms to date. […]

Content Marketing for Small Business

Marketing for small business

When it comes to digital marketing for small businesses, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With so many different strategies to use it’s hard to know where to start.  Whether it’s building up your social media following, updating your website, or running paid advertising, you should always begin with content in mind. We’re not only talking […]