How the New iOS 14 Update Impacts Digital Marketing

Apple has announced the launch of a new version iOS 14.4, which includes new user privacy parameters and the handling of their data for advertising purposes. These changes mean great difficulty for advertising companies since developers must strictly provide information about their privacy policies and the handling of user data. Now, how counterproductive can it be?

All the information obtained from the tracking is used mostly by digital marketing platforms. This platform analyzes the behaviors and interests of users so that digital marketing can access its target market in the creation of advertisements. Apple’s new update will prevent digital entrepreneurship from reaching users effectively.

Changes in Facebook Ads

These changes will affect the performance of controlling viewers for all brand’s personalized ads. Once this measure takes effect, many companies can underperform overall, causing a decline in many of them. This new measure will prevent companies from reaching their audience. Many companies will create new advertising alternatives, however, some of them do not agree with the new policy implemented by Apple.

Advertising Alternatives in iOS 14

New brands come together in social media advertising with various options and innovations in digital marketing, to reach the expected audience that generates profitability and versatility, allowing you to create a wide range of objectives at a lower cost. There are great alternatives that you can use as a tool that will allow you to boost your business.

Social Media Ads 

Given the great change that Apple has implemented, we will all wonder: What is the best platform to carry out advertising with greater reach? There is no specific answer since it is different for each company. It is important when making your choice, think about where your target audience can be located according to the type of campaign you want to create.

To help you make this decision, we have made a brief presentation of the most popular and important platforms that will help you in your business:

  • Instagram Ads. It contains highly visual content in which it is very easy to get visibility and where you can interact to the maximum with your customers.
  • Youtube Ads. Its ads are very similar to television advertising where you can make the most of its advantages to connect with the public.
  • Twitter Ads. Through this platform you can promote your brand in the same way, you can promote your tweets where you will achieve a high audience and visits to your site, appear in trends, and increase followers.
  • Google Ads. The most important internet search engine is one of the main digital advertising management platforms where you will fully exploit your commercial brand through sponsored ads since you can promote in the search engine or on web portals.
  • LinkedIn Ads. You can promote your brand and attract visits to your website and get potential customers.


Users spend a large amount of time on social networks, so the ads on these platforms are translated into a simpler and optimal way to reach them. The payment models are very profitable since you will only pay for user clicks, thus saving you inconvenience due to wasted investments.

Now that you know the various digital advertising platforms, exploit your talent and expand your brand in style.