How to increase your engagement and visibility on Instagram

Instagram has become in recent years one of the main most visited social networks in the world, with more than 1,000 million users, and this excellent application allows you to show images and videos in an interactive way to your customers with greater ease, making it one of the best digital marketing platforms to date.

As entrepreneurs, we dream of having a large crowd of viewers on Instagram, and it’s undoubtedly an ideal tool to expand your brand without the need to make high-cost investments since it is extremely accessible and profitable. However, we cannot consider everything as an investment, since to maintain a good reach with our viewers, commitment is a fundamental basis to achieve the maximum promotion of your brand.

What does engagement mean on Instagram?

It’s the talent that will allow your brand to be consolidated by maintaining lasting relationships with users, generating commitment between the brand and consumers. You will be able to measure the interactions that the posts receive daily and discover the level of involvement in your brand.

Now, how can we effectively increase our engagement to achieve a good reach with our clients?

Humanize your brand

One of the simplest ways  is to connect with users through dialogue in everyday life, and that’s by sharing you will make your users feel identified and encouraged.

Inspire dialogue

With this, you will get to know the opinions that your viewers and users have about your brand. Get involved by liking, commenting, and sharing to get a good engagement with users as most could review your content in this easy way.

Plan your posts

Time is valuable for every business, that’s why to maintain continuous interaction with users it is important to dedicate time to your profile on Instagram, since if you don’t carry out a sequence, your business could be significantly exposed allowing users to leave to interact with your content.

Use Instagram Stories

This fabulous tool will keep you in direct contact with all your viewers, using this section you can share, conduct surveys that will allow you to interact and redirect traffic to your new publications or links on your web pages. Make the most of this digital platform, its reach is surprising and it is that more than 400 million people use stories every day.

Optimize your posting hours

Although we already know that interacting with your audience is essential for a good reach of your content, it is necessary to carry out adequate planning of your publications, always taking into account the schedules that most favor you, such as; days and at what times your posts work best. For this, it is also important to use Social Listening among your digital marketing tools, so that you can statistically manage the value of your content and the interaction that each one of them carries, knowing more about the status of your profile and its evolution.

Manage relevant hashtags

The proper use of hashtags related to your brand will allow your content to be found more easily. It is important not to use them exaggeratedly as they can distract your audience and lengthen your message. Customize them and squeeze the greatest potential from your business.

Without a doubt, increasing your reach and commitment to your brand is what we all aspire to; that every user is captured by our publications and wants our products or services.

Implement these techniques and you will achieve greater performance in your business. Put your hands to work and squeeze your full potential.